Skill Development Program on “Opportunities in Aerospace”
  • 08 Jun 2024
  • NICHE, Kanyakumari

Skill Development Program on “Opportunities in Aerospace”

The Department of Aerospace Engineering at Noorul Islam Centre for Higher Education organized a webinar titled "Opportunities in Aerospace" on June 8, 2024. This skill development program aimed to enlighten students and professionals about the vast opportunities available in the aerospace sector. The event featured a distinguished alumna, Ms. Lekshmi K Ravi, who is currently serving in the Indian Navy and graduated from the institution in the 2016-2020 batch. The webinar attracted 29 participants, all eager to gain insights into the aerospace industry. The session commenced promptly at 10:00 am with a warm welcome address delivered by W.K. Anitta. This introduction set the tone for the event, highlighting the importance of skill development in the rapidly evolving aerospace sector. Following the welcome speech, Ms. Lekshmi K Ravi took the virtual stage to deliver her lecture. Drawing from her rich experience in the Indian Navy, she provided a comprehensive overview of the aerospace field, emphasizing the various career paths, advancements, and skills required to excel in this domain. Her talk covered several key areas, including the latest technological trends, the importance of continuous learning, and the potential for growth and innovation within the aerospace industry. Ms. Ravi also shared personal anecdotes from her career, offering valuable insights and practical advice to the attendees. She underscored the significance of dedication, perseverance, and staying updated with industry trends. Her interactive approach kept the participants engaged throughout the session. The webinar concluded at 10:30 am, with participants actively engaging in a Q&A session. They posed several questions, which Ms. Ravi addressed comprehensively, providing clarity on various aspects of skill development and career opportunities in aerospace. The attendees appreciated the chance to clear their doubts and gain a clearer understanding of the field. Overall, the webinar was a resounding success, offering valuable knowledge and inspiration to the participants. The Department of Aerospace Engineering at Noorul Islam Centre for Higher Education looks forward to organizing more such events in the future to continue fostering skill development and career growth among its students and alumni.

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