Blood Donation Camp at Thuckalay Government Hospital
  • 01 Jun 2024
  • NICHE, Kanyakumari

Blood Donation Camp at Thuckalay Government Hospital

NICHE Kanyakumari Students' Council, in collaboration with the Department of Management Studies, successfully organized a Blood Donation Camp at Thuckalay Government Hospital. The Blood donation camp was inaugurated by Dr. P. Rajayyan, the Hospital Superintendent, who underscored the vital role such initiatives play in saving lives and maintaining an adequate blood supply. Mr. Sahaya Selvaraj, a Blood Bank Technician, provided an informative session on the significance of blood donation, addressing various questions and concerns from the attendees. He offered valuable insights into the process and benefits of donating blood, helping to demystify the procedure for many first-time donors. Fourteen students participated actively by donating blood, demonstrating their strong commitment to community service and public health. The event's success was ensured through the dedicated efforts of Dr. Kinslin D, Mr. Suresh Babu. K Activity coordinator NICHE and MBA Professors including Dr. Radhika, Mr. Rajesh, and Mr. Kishore, who coordinated and managed the camp seamlessly. The primary objective of the camp extended beyond blood collection; it aimed to raise awareness about the ongoing need for blood donors and the significant impact of their contributions. Through this initiative, the organizers highlighted the importance of regular blood donation in sustaining health services and saving lives.

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