Impactful Clean-up drive at the Kumaracoil Pond
  • 30 May 2024
  • NICHE, Kanyakumari

Impactful Clean-up drive at the Kumaracoil Pond

The Department of ASLP, Student Council, and Green Energy and Eco Club of NICHE, Kanyakumari, collaboratively organized a highly impactful clean-up drive at the Kumaracoil pond. The event saw active participation from students, staff, and local villagers, who together cleared a significant amount of plastic bottles and waste from the pond.Dr. M.L Nisha, HOD ASLP, Dr Tibbie Pon Symon, Club Coordinator, and Mr. Suresh Babu. K Event Coordinator, led the initiative with great enthusiasm and commitment. Their leadership, along with the dedicated efforts of teachers, non-teaching staff, and community members, ensured the success of this environmental endeavor. This initiative not only contributed to the cleanliness of the Kumaracoil pond but also raised awareness about the importance of maintaining a clean and green environment. The volunteers' hard work and dedication are commendable, and their efforts have set a positive example for future environmental activities. NICHE is proud of the collaborative spirit and active participation shown by everyone involved in this significant event.

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