Student Development Program at NICHE
  • 29 May 2024
  • NICHE, Kanyakumari

Student Development Program at NICHE

NICHE University recently hosted a transformative Student Development Program that featured Rahul Easwar, a distinguished public policy commentator and activist. The event was a remarkable opportunity for students to gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies of public policy and the importance of active civic engagement. Rahul Easwar, known for his eloquence and extensive knowledge, captivated the audience with his insights on the current landscape of public policy and the vital role that young individuals can play in shaping it. His discussions ranged from the theoretical underpinnings of policy-making to practical strategies for effective activism, providing students with a comprehensive view of the field. The program not only enhanced the students' academic knowledge but also inspired them to take an active role in their communities. Easwar's passionate address emphasized the power of youth in driving social change and the necessity of informed and dedicated activism in today's world. His real-life examples and experiences resonated deeply with the audience, motivating many to consider careers in public policy and social activism. By the end of the event, students were not only better informed about public policy but also felt a renewed sense of purpose and empowerment to make a difference in society.

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