NICHE Research

Funded Projects

  • Faculty: Praseetha.P.K
    Title: "Microwave assisted one step green synthesis of Carbon Quantum dots for wound healing applications"
    Name of the Agency: TNSCST
    Duration: 1.5 years
    Amount: 3,31,000
  • Faculty: Praseetha.P.K
    Title: "Fund for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure in Higher Educational Institutions"
    Name of the Agency: DST
    Duration: 5 years
    Amount: 77 lakhs
  • Faculty: Dr.H.Vennila
    Title: "Awareness and Maintenance of using Electric Vehicles and their Bene?ts "
    Name of the Agency: TNSCST
    Duration: 2days Programme
    Amount: 50,000
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