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Dr. S. Balamurugan

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Dr. S. Balamurugan


Dr. S. Balamurugan has completed his Ph.D from the I. I.T - Bombay and has completed his M. Sc. Chemistry from the V. H. N. S. N. College / Madurai Kamaraj University. He has teaching experience for 20 years and research experience for 22 years. His specialised areas in research are • Syntheses and Characterization of Oxide based bulk & Nano-scale Materials for Novel Findings [(i) Binary metal oxides, (ii) Phases with the pyrochlore structure, (iii) Scheelite-type structure oxide materials, (iv) Hexaferrites, (v) Spinel structure materials, (vi) Perovskite-type phases, and (vii) Metalo-cuprates] • Water purification by Oxide based Nanoparticles • Magnetic Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications . He has the credit of having published 56 research papers in Web of Science/Scopus Indexed Journals and 14 papers in UGC CARE listed, refereed and reviewed journals. He has guided 1 Ph.D scholars and he is now guiding 1 Ph.D scholars. He has visited JAPAN, GERMANY, USA, MALAYSIAin connection with research/technological collaboration. He received 2 Awards and Recognition for his contribution in the field of research/technology.

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