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Aero Engines Lab

Overview: Aero Engine lab have various used engines as well as running models

Aircraft Structures Lab

Overview: Aircraft Structures lab includes composite repair unit along with number of sophisticated research apparatus

Aircraft Systems Lab

Overview: Aircraft Systems lab includes retired aircrafts with activated firing and power units

Aerodynamics Lab

Overview: Aerodynamics lab includes digitally configured subsonic wind tunnel and relevant apparatus

Instrument Lab

Overview: Instrument room with FT-IR, Electrochemical Analyzer, UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

Engineering Chemistry Lab

Overview: B.E/ B.Tech Engineering Chemistry Practicals

Research Lab

Overview: Research Lab with sophisticated facilities

Process Contol Lab

Overview: The Process Control Laboratory is sophisticated with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Distributed Control System (DCS), Supervisory Controller and Data Acquisition System (SCADA). The lab is equipped with Batch Process Station, Bottle Filling System, Water Level Controller, Speed Controller and Computer Controlled Processes like flow, pressure, level and temperature. It is also equipped with smart transmitters, closed loop pressure control station, pneumatic controllers, feed forward controller, ratio controllers and cascaded control systems. Students are also trained to design and implement controllers for different processes.

M.Sc Chemistry Lab

Overview: M.Sc Chemistry Lab (Organic / Inorganic/ Physical Chemistry Practicals)

Virtual Instrumentation Lab

Overview: Virtual Instrumentation Lab focuses on Virtual Real Time Systems using NI LabView, MATLAB/SIMULINK, etc.

Industrial Instrumentation Lab

Overview: Industrial Instrumentation Lab imparts knowledge and expertise to handle instruments generally available in an industry.

Electronics Lab

Overview: Electronics Lab dealing with studying the characteristics of different electronic devices and simple circuits.

Measurement Lab

Overview: Measurement lab enabling students to understand the fundamentals of various measuring instruments.

Transducer Lab

Overview: Transducer Laboratory is equipped with modern sensors and transducers.

Integrated Circuits Lab

Overview: The Integrated circuits lab providing facilities to learn about the linear and non-linear applications of IC’s

Embedded Instrumentation Lab

Overview: Embedded Instrumentation Lab focuses on using ARM controllers and Arduino kits for various instrumentation applications.

M.Sc. Physics Laboratory

Overview: M.Sc., Physics Laboratory with all the major equipments like Michelson Interferometer, Dielectric Constant, Laser source and optical fiber, Hall effect apparatus, Ultrasonic interferometer for liquids,Ultrasonicator, Pelletizer, Spectrometer, Travelling microscope and Microprocessor 8085.

First year B.E/B.Tech. Physics Laboratory

Overview: The well-equipped B.E/B.Tech Physics laboratory to train students

Probe Sonicator and Centrifuge apparatus

Overview: Probe Sonicator and Centrifuge apparatus in Research Laboratory

Muffle Furnace

Overview: Muffle furnace, a front-loading box-type oven for high-temperature applications

Dielectric Constant Kit

Overview: Dielectric Constant Kit, a versatile instrument for measuring the dielectric constant a material.

Hot air oven

Overview: Hot air oven using dry heat to sterilize.

Four probe set up

Overview: Four probe set up used to measure the resistivity of the semiconductor material.

Constant temperature bath

Overview: Constant temperature bath maintaining constant temperature in homogeneous substances

Electrical Machines Lab

Overview: Electrical Machines Lab

Control Systems Lab

Overview: Control Systems Lab

Power System Simulation Lab

Overview: Power System Simulation Lab

Power Electronics Lab

Overview: Power Electronics Lab


Overview: Students doing CAD modelling using PRO-E software


Overview: Students doing practical work in CNC production lathe


Overview: Students doing Tensile test in UTM

Metrology Laboratory

Overview: Measuring the pitch of screw thread using Profile Projector

Special Machine Shop

Overview: Faculty giving training to do basic machining operation using Vertical milling Machine

Mechatronics Lab

Overview: Testing the pneumatic circuit to perform basic control of pressure

Welding Shop

Overview: Faculty giving Hands on training to students in Electric Arc welding process


Overview: Faculty giving training in flow measurement


Overview: Students undergoing Performance analysis using Kaplan turbine

Hydraulic Press

Overview: Hydraulic Press with Die setup to make press tool works

3D Printer

Overview: Flash Forge (FDM) 3D Printing machine (model: finder 2.0)

Wind Tunnel

Overview: Measuring the flow of wind and also to learn about aerodynamics

First year B.E/B.Tech. Physics Laboratory

Overview: The well-equipped B.E/B.Tech Physics laboratory to train each student.


Overview: In 2005, NICHE established the Soil Mechanics Laboratory. This state-of-the-art laboratory is furnished with all of the required equipment for teaching and research in soil mechanics and foundation engineering at the postgraduate level. Under the guidance of faculty members and research scholars, this laboratory conducts research, consultancy, and routine soil testing.


Overview: Concrete is a commonly used building material because of its mouldability and durability. Students can test and inspect cement, aggregates, concrete, and concrete qualities in this lab to determine the quality of construction materials. Students can use the laboratory to test various types of fresh and hardened cement concrete to see how they affect the performance of RCC structures.The concrete technology lab has a variety of equipment and machines, including a Sieve Shaker, a Compressive Testing Machine, a Flexure Testing Machine, a Compaction Factor Apparatus, a Permeability apparatus, etc...


Overview: The Environmental Engineering Laboratory, which opened in 2013, is fully equipped with the necessary equipment and for monitoring water and wastewater quality parameters such as total dissolved/suspended solids, turbidity, hardness, alkalinity, acidity, chlorides, dissolved oxygen, biochemical oxygen demand, chemical oxygen demand, and most likely bacterial numbers. This laboratory is now being maintained and operated in order to conduct experiments for UG level course content. This laboratory is now undergoing the installation of research equipment with more advanced features.


Overview: The Surveying laboratory is well-equipped with all of the necessary instruments and tools to aid student's overall comprehension and practical expertise. Students learn how to collect data in the field using both old and modern tools.


Overview: The NICHE Structural Engineering Laboratory supports a wide range of operations including teaching, research, development, and consulting. Experiments on model/prototype structural elements and assemblies under various static and dynamic loading conditions are among the main activities.

Geology Lab

Overview: The Geology Lab covers basic earth processes and earth materials. students develop skills in observation of natural phenomena, identification of rocks and minerals.


Overview: BASLP Students performing otoscopic examination using an otoscope as a part of initiation of the audiometric assessment.


Overview: BASLP Students conducting speech therapy among the patients under the supervision of the faculty of the department


Overview: BASLP Students performing Tympanometic Evaluation to assess the middle ear function .


Overview: BASLP Students performing Pure Tone Audiometry for understanding hearing range.

Genetics Lab

Overview: HGMB Student Performing NGS in Genetics Lab at our sister institution NIMS, Neyyatinkara.

Genetics Lab

Overview: HGMB Student attending one month Training in Genetics Lab at our sister institution NIMS, Neyyatinkara.

Genetics Lab

Overview: HGMB Student attending Training in Genetics Lab at our sister institution NIMS, Neyyatinkara.

Biomedical Instrumentation Laboratory

Overview: In Biomedical Instrumentation Laboratory the major equipment’s available are Auto Analyser, ECG Machine, Defibrillator, Baby Ventilator, Adult Ventilator, Baby Warmer and Tread Mill are available for measuring various physiological parameters.

Pathology and Microbiology Laboratory

Overview: In Pathology and Microbiology Laboratory the major equipment’s available are Laminar Air Flow, Microscopes, Centrifuge, Autoclave and Magnetic Stirrer are available. The Pathology and Microbiology Laboratory is well equipped for conducting experiments related to microbial activities, stains and pathological experiments.

Marine Simulator Lab

Overview: Cadets doing Engine Room Simulation in Simulator Laboratory

Marine workshop Lab

Overview: Cadets overhauling valves in Marine Workshop

Ship in campus

Overview: Cadets overhauling the Main Engine in the Ship in Campus

Welding Lab

Overview: Cadets practicing welding in Welding Laboratory

Electronics Lab

Overview: Students working on Basic Electron Devices Experiments

Integrated Circuits Lab

Overview: Students Performing Experiments with Digital ICs

Microwave Lab

Overview: Students doing Experiments with Microwave Equipments.


Overview: Students doing Simulation using VLSI Kits

Digital Circuits Lab

Overview: Students Performing Experiments with Digital ICs

Optical and RF Lab

Overview: Students working on Optical and RF Equipments

Computational Fluid Dynamics Lab

Overview: The CFD Lab serves as a basic computational Platform for Design, Research and Educational activities. The CFD lab consists of a 40 Node Linux OS based Cluster. The basic unit is a Xeon GHz Quad pro processor and a ten such units make up the total system and one of these units constitutes as the main server. At present ANSYS 12 CFD Version has been installed

Software Development Lab

Overview: The Software Development Lab is equipped with 62 latest configured systems having the state-of-the-art computing resources providing one-to-one access to students. The lab has an array of application suites from all leading developers like Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, Rational etc. It is fully geared to support the delivery of quality education and research facilities. The computer lab is upgraded from time to time to ensure that the facilities remain at par with the latest. Students will have access to a variety of mainstream PC software, including industry standard application packages, growing range of windows software, discipline specific software, and a host of other software for analyzing business problems, ranging from oracle, turbo C++, Java, Visual Studio, MS Office, IBM Rational Rose, Linux and .net. The lab is air-conditioned and is backed up by high caliber UPS to ensure uninterrupted operations. To assist the needs of users, we have got other peripherals like printers, scanners, video capture card, digital camera, web cameras etc. and in addition, LCD, OHP and C-TV is provided which aids in ICT enabled teaching.

System Programming Lab

Overview: The System Programming Lab features 36 computers. In addition to basic software, systems are installed with special software like AutoCAD for computer-aided design, STAAD Pro structural analysis and Matlab software for solving technical computing problems. The lab is air conditioned, thereby maintaining the required temperature, air distribution and humidity. The lab is open all day for student use and classes. It is also a good place for students working on both Java and C/C++ projects for their introductory computer science courses.

Cyber Forensics Lab

Overview: In Cyber Forensics Lab, various cyber tools such as SIMXtractor for analyzing SIM cards, CDR (Call Data Record) Analyzer, is used to analyze the call data record and generates a comprehensive report of frequency statistics including service provider details and subscriber details of call data record numbers. MobileCheck is used for analyzing, acquiring and reporting evidences from mobile devices were used for the beneficial of students. In addition to this, NetForce Suite is used to analyze the network packets and trace emails. Data sent through the network can be captured, recreated and exported using this tool. Our students will be highly beneficial and gain knowledge from accessing these tools which copes with the current industry needs.


Overview: The Biochemistry and Human Physiology Laboratory is equipped with major equipment’s Calorimeter, Centrifuge, Water Bath, Incubator, Kymograph, and Ophthalmoscope. In this Laboratory Biochemical Analysis and Estimation of Sugar, Cholesterol, Protein and Albumin etc. are conducted.

Forensic Science Lab

Overview: Crime Scene Investigation lab sets out as an illustration of original crime scenes and enables to explore various crime investigation methods.

Forensic Science - Evidence Analysis Lab

Overview: Evidence analysis lab put together students to observe, identify, categorize and detailed analysis of the evidences collected at the scene of crime.

Forensic Science Lab

Overview: Finger print identification using powder method - Fingerprints imprinted at different surfaces are visualized using powder method and collected for the identification of the culprit using the same.

Forensic Science Lab

Overview: Forensic Anthropology Lab The lab put up with an idea about the race, ethnicity, gender and age of a decedent from the analysis of skeleton or bone remains.

Forensic Science Lab

Overview: Lifting of fingerprint Fingerprints are lifted from the surface using tape. (Powder method used for visual observation)

Forensic Science Lab

Overview: Crime scene Reconstruction Extracting knowledge of the series of events that surround the execution of a crime using physical evidence, scientific methods, and their interrelationships

Aircraft Engines Lab

Overview: Engines are considered as a heart (power source) of aircraft. The institute lab has a lot of engine components and accessories as placed in lab for ease of inspection & understanding of their design, construction, materials, attachment & functional features.

Aircraft Electrical Lab

Overview: AME department has a well-equipped electrical lab. It is furnished by a number of components, item of equipment's and system layout with system demonstration mock-ups. They are managed in a way that student is able to understand working & system operation of these in aircraft.

Aircraft Instruments Lab

Overview: This lab has a variety of aircraft instruments used in different type of civil & military aircrafts. The lab is dedicated to develop the skills of candidate/person by its basic & advanced system mock-ups in line with aircraft genuine instruments.

Aircraft Radio-Communication Equipment’s Lab

Overview: The lab is to train a student on radio & navigation system components & different terms used in controlling of air traffic in aviation. It has a number of layouts, training kits, transmitting circuits & their corresponding receivers.

Aircraft Airframe Lab

Overview: The Lab has a variety of airframe components in discrete quantity with which it is easily used to describe all basic & advanced system in terms of construction, layout, uses & operational features.

Nano-characterization facility

Overview: Major Instruments available in the Nano-characterization facility for a total amount of 148.12 lakhs • XRD- D2 Phaser • Atomic Force Microscope • Electro Chemical Work Station • Particle Size Analyser • FTIR • TG-DTA • Ultra-Pure Water • UV-Vis Spectrophotometer • Surface Area Analyzer • UPS for AFM

Advanced Nano materials Research Laboratory

Overview: Facilities available in the Advanced Nano materials Research Laboratory for a total value of 25 lakhs • Near Infra-red Spectrometer • Photoluminescence Spectrometer • Glove Box • Hot air oven • Ultrasonic water bath • Tubular Furnace • Ultra centrifuge • Electronic balance • Ball Mill • Muffle Furnace

Nano Applications & Research Laboratory

Overview: Nano Applications & Research Laboratory includes the facility for energy and biomedical applications of nano materials. The major instruments included are • High Temperature furnaces • Autoclave • Peristaltic Pump • Heating Mantel • Incubator • Ball Mill • Laminar Flow Combiner • Magnetic Stirrer • Hot Plat Ceramic Top • Orbital Shaking Incubator • BH Curve Tracer • Ultrasonic Probe Sonicator

Nanomaterials Synthesis Laboratory

Overview: Nanomaterials Synthesis Laboratory constitutes the basic facilities required for Material production. The major equipment’s available are • Digital Electronic Balance • Hot Air Oven • Vacuum Pump • Double Distilled Water Plant, • Vacuum Oven • Muffle Furnace • Spin Coater • Gun For Liq. Spray • Air Compressor • UV Lamp with fittings • Magnetic Stirrer • Mechanical Stirrer • Electric water bath double walled • Ultrasonic Cleaner

Airframe & Composite Materials Laboratory

Overview: Airframe materials are designed to provide long-term support for both the static weight of aircraft and additional load subjected from service. This concept requires airframe materials to possess acceptable densities for the weight reduction and appropriate mechanical properties for the intended use.


Overview: This lab provides a good exposure about Personal Protective equipment’s, different industrial hygiene practices and measurements also grasp knowledge about estimate the hygiene of an industry.


Overview: The main objective of this lab is providing an exposure about preparation of different safety document, Knowledge about Safety Audit, Safety Inspection, Risk assessment Procedure, Confined space requirements, LOTO, Work permit system for different workplace and other important documentation necessary for the safety Professional.


Overview: This Lab provides an excellent exposure about life saving skills necessary for the safety professionals, role and responsibilities of a first aider, rescue skills, manage a variety of conditions and learn the emergency treatments in different critical situation with hands on demo.


Overview: This lab provides an excellent exposure about firefighting skills, Rescue Techniques and impart skill about how to use various firefighting equipment’s through real time scenario. In addition with firefighting training provided through the Industry experts


Overview: This lab provides an knowledge about different performance test about firefighting equipments,testing methods of different fire Extinguishers, testing standards about extinguishing agent (DCP and foam), also learn the functions of different automatic fire suppression systems


Overview: iOS App development opens a new era and dimension in mobile apps development. iOS is the most popular mobile operating system platform in the world, after Android. The Apple iOS Lab in department of CSE aims to build applications for iPhone and iPad in the arena of mobile app development, bridging the gap between academia and industry for our students. The iOS lab aims at providing students the knowledge on the Apple iMac X Operating System Environment. Macintosh OS X is the World’s most advanced operating system. iOS lab provides modern computational and research facilities to both our Under graduate & Post graduates and research students.

Software Engineering Lab

Overview: Software Engineering lab is equipped with 65 computers, all consisting of 64-bit i7 processors with 8 GB RAM, 250GB SSD, running on Windows 11. The Systems have latest version of softwares like Visual studio, Netbeans, Python etc for providing students with high end computing facilities for their assignments, projects, dissertation and research related works. Systems are installed with Java (JDK 20.0.1) enabling the students to implement and experiment knowledge acquired in the classroom. The system contains open source scripting language tools like PHP for creating dynamic and interactive web pages and various digital platforms. Computers in this lab are typically equipped with 1 Gbps internet access.

Computer Lab I

Overview: Computing Facility 1 equipped with 55 Intel I5 Machines(Windows 11 OS) with SSD and advanced computing facilities, having connectivity to LAN and Wifi, Installed with all necessary software like Python, Java, Apache Server, Oracle, Visual Studio, Andriod Studio, SQL, MySQL, Office Package etc.

Computer Lab 2

Overview: Computing Facility 2 equipped with 50 Intel I3 Machines(Windows 7 OS) with advanced computing facilities, having connectivity to LAN and Wifi, Installed with all necessary software like Python, Java, Apache Server, Oracle, Visual Studio, Andriod Studio, SQL, MySQL, Office Package etc.

Forensic Science Laboratory

Overview: Indoor Crime Scene Investigation

Forensic Science Laboratory

Overview: Outdoor Crime Scene Investigation by Forensic Science Students

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