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Brief Into about Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

The Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering was started in the academic year 1997-1998.

Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering is a multi-disciplinary stream that covers subjects from various branches such as chemical, mechanical, electrical, electronics, biomedical and computers. The course is framed with specialisation towards robotics and industrial automation. Automation is one of the few fields where the demand for skilled talent is rapidly growing. There is a growing demand for individuals in the field of Industrial Automation with an emphasis on Robotics, Distributed Control System and Programmable Logic Controllers. This program will prepare individuals to competitively challenge for a variety of positions in the automation and control systems field. Typical fields of employment include R&D units, oil refineries, power plants, steel plants, fertiliser plants, automobile, biomedical, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, food industries and petrochemical industries.

Graduates will develop practical skills and understanding of the processes and methods that are applied to develop and implement an industrial automation. Graduates fill job positions such as: Instrument Engineer, Automation Engineer, Control Engineer, Instrumentation Technologist, Control Systems Technologist, Automation Specialist, Robotics Engineer etc.

The salient features of the department are,

  • Core and Software industry based curriculum
  •  Strong base in automation using PLCs, DCS & SCADA
  •  Hands-on experience in well-equipped labs
  •  Specialized in Robotics Engineering
  • Professional membership with ISA and ISTE
  •  Industry certified training
  • Placement assistance to all students 
  • Highly qualified and experienced faculty
  • Strong ties with automation industries

Lab Facilities
Process Contol Lab
Faculty Incharge: Dr. Felix Stephen S
Details: The Process Control Laboratory is sophisticated with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Distributed Control System (DCS), Supervisory Controller and Data Acquisition System (SCADA). The lab is equipped with Batch Process Station, Bottle Filling System, Water Level Controller, Speed Controller and Computer Controlled Processes like flow, pressure, level and temperature. It is also equipped with smart transmitters, closed loop pressure control station, pneumatic controllers, feed forward controller, ratio controllers and cascaded control systems. Students are also trained to design and implement controllers for different processes.
Virtual Instrumentation Lab
Faculty Incharge: Dr. Sarath R
Details: Virtual Instrumentation Lab focuses on Virtual Real Time Systems using NI LabView, MATLAB/SIMULINK, etc.
Industrial Instrumentation Lab
Faculty Incharge: Dr. Manju R
Details: Industrial Instrumentation Lab imparts knowledge and expertise to handle instruments generally available in an industry.
Electronics Lab
Faculty Incharge: Dr. Amsaveni V
Details: Electronics Lab dealing with studying the characteristics of different electronic devices and simple circuits.
Measurement Lab
Faculty Incharge: Dr. Menaka D
Details: Measurement lab enabling students to understand the fundamentals of various measuring instruments.
Transducer Lab
Faculty Incharge: Dr. Menaka D
Details: Transducer Laboratory is equipped with modern sensors and transducers.
Integrated Circuits Lab
Faculty Incharge: Dr. Binu Sathya S
Details: The Integrated circuits lab providing facilities to learn about the linear and non-linear applications of IC’s
Embedded Instrumentation Lab
Faculty Incharge: Dr. Menaka D
Details: Embedded Instrumentation Lab focuses on using ARM controllers and Arduino kits for various instrumentation applications.
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Dr. Kumar S S

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