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               Department of Biomedical Engineering was established in the year of 2009, with active clinical/industry partnership in association with our sister institution NIMS Medicity and Research Foundation, Neyyattinkara . Since then, the department has been actively engaged in diversified research and teaching. Its main objective is to provide a knowledge-based, timely, cost effective and high quality service to clinicians in a professional and responsible manner, in order to improve and enhance patient care by supporting all aspects of care related technology. The department offers B.E and Ph.D programmes in Biomedical. The students of our department make a visit periodically to various departments of our sister medical institutions, and get a deep knowledge about the existing medical devices and instruments. Further, the students carry out in-plant training at prestigious medical industry/institutions, located at various part of India, during their vacation.

Lab Facilities
Biomedical Instrumentation Laboratory
Faculty Incharge: Dr. Albert Jerome S
Details: In Biomedical Instrumentation Laboratory the major equipment’s available are Auto Analyser, ECG Machine, Defibrillator, Baby Ventilator, Adult Ventilator, Baby Warmer and Tread Mill are available for measuring various physiological parameters.
Pathology and Microbiology Laboratory
Faculty Incharge: Dr. Murugan M
Details: In Pathology and Microbiology Laboratory the major equipment’s available are Laminar Air Flow, Microscopes, Centrifuge, Autoclave and Magnetic Stirrer are available. The Pathology and Microbiology Laboratory is well equipped for conducting experiments related to microbial activities, stains and pathological experiments.
Faculty Incharge: Dr. Murugan M
Details: The Biochemistry and Human Physiology Laboratory is equipped with major equipment’s Calorimeter, Centrifuge, Water Bath, Incubator, Kymograph, and Ophthalmoscope. In this Laboratory Biochemical Analysis and Estimation of Sugar, Cholesterol, Protein and Albumin etc. are conducted.
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Head of the Department
Dr. Murugan M


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