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Aircraft Maintenance Engineer/ "AME" is a very important position in every airline which is mandatory by DGCA under the Aircraft Act 1934 and rules thereon to be appointed by all the organizations conducting aircraft flying and it's maintenance like Airlines, FTOs, MROs, Aircraft component manufacturers etc. to carry out and certify all kind of Aircraft maintenance performed whether in airport or in a company set up. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers inspect, install, troubleshoot, repair and overhaul aircraft and its various systems to make sure that aircraft is in a safe state for its intended operation.


Department of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering has been established in the year 2013. We rely on quality training, most modern technical infrastructure and high experienced faculty to produce the finest trained technical professionals to meet the demand of the fast growing aviation sector.

We have provided successful technical skilled manpower which is the backbone of Aviation. Most of the alumni are in high and respectable positions in Aviation field

B.E Aircraft Maintenance Engineering which will help you to gain higher positions in airlines/MRO’s once your career progresses.  AME department through its massive infrastructure, specialized training aids, well equipped labs, workshops, different aircrafts and aero engines within the campus in order to satisfy the diverse needs of aviation, especially in airlines and Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO).


Lab Facilities
Aircraft Engines Lab
Faculty Incharge: Dr. Saji Soundara Raj J
Details: Engines are considered as a heart (power source) of aircraft. The institute lab has a lot of engine components and accessories as placed in lab for ease of inspection & understanding of their design, construction, materials, attachment & functional features.
Aircraft Electrical Lab
Faculty Incharge: Dr. Benita J
Details: AME department has a well-equipped electrical lab. It is furnished by a number of components, item of equipment's and system layout with system demonstration mock-ups. They are managed in a way that student is able to understand working & system operation of these in aircraft.
Aircraft Instruments Lab
Faculty Incharge: Mr. Ravikumar P J
Details: This lab has a variety of aircraft instruments used in different type of civil & military aircrafts. The lab is dedicated to develop the skills of candidate/person by its basic & advanced system mock-ups in line with aircraft genuine instruments.
Aircraft Radio-Communication Equipment’s Lab
Faculty Incharge: Mr. M SREEDHARAN NAIR
Details: The lab is to train a student on radio & navigation system components & different terms used in controlling of air traffic in aviation. It has a number of layouts, training kits, transmitting circuits & their corresponding receivers.
Aircraft Airframe Lab
Faculty Incharge: Mr. Inbasekaran K
Details: The Lab has a variety of airframe components in discrete quantity with which it is easily used to describe all basic & advanced system in terms of construction, layout, uses & operational features.
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Mr. Hari Kumar S

Assistant Professor & Program Co-ordinator

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