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Aerospace Engineering department started functioning in the year 2009. During the year, the department of Aerospace Engineering made steady progress in terms of academic programme. Aerospace Engineering department has been started with the aim of educating and training young aspiring students in the field of Space technology.

Aerospace engineering is a highly specialized, yet it has various widely diverse fields.  Aerospace engineers are involved in such varied and exciting activities such as enabling hypersonic flight, sending a spacecraft to Mars, designing an artificial heart, and improving tomorrow’s space vehicles. All the students of the department became members of the Aero-modelling club started in the University campus and have shown good interest in its activities. A number of students have undergone training on Aero-Engines course as part of summer training programme.

The department has an association of Aerospace Engineering students ASTERA (Aerospace Technical Engineers Regal Association). The chief guest for the inaugural function was Sri. Ganesan, LPSC / ISRO, a well known expert in Liquid Propulsion. A number of students from department have won prizes in essay and quiz competitions held in the University. The number of blood donors also has increased.

B.E. Aerospace Engineering program is designed to prepare students to serve the nation in meeting the challenging requirements envisaged in the broad areas of Design, Analysis and testing related to Aircraft, Launch vehicles, Missiles and Space Missions.

Lab Facilities
Computational Fluid Dynamics Lab
Faculty Incharge: Mr. Muthu Sherin S
Details: The CFD Lab serves as a basic computational Platform for Design, Research and Educational activities. The CFD lab consists of a 40 Node Linux OS based Cluster. The basic unit is a Xeon GHz Quad pro processor and a ten such units make up the total system and one of these units constitutes as the main server. At present ANSYS 12 CFD Version has been installed
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Dr. Aldrin Sugin. M.S

Associate Professor & HOD

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