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Aeronautical Engineering

                      Department of Aeronautical Engineering has been established in the year 2005 with sophisticated laboratory and heightened potentiality of human resource. Together with, department serve the candidates to enlighten the interest and skill acquiring ability in various domains of Aeronautical Engineering such as Computational Study of fluid patterns, Space dynamics, Aircraft structural mechanics and dynamics, and Advanced Propulsion. Interestingly lot of our excellent alumni are best examples.

                    It is an honor and privilege to announce that as Aeronautical Engineering is filled with Systematic and Non systematic analytical features in every role, Candidates are going through technical challenges in all aspect which could be flattened with highly resourceful supervisors as most of our human resource is drawn from fantastic industries doing real time scenario research activities. Aeronautical Department is maintaining up to date collaborative activities with “Aeronautical Society of India” and “Indian Space Research Organization” which influence candidate’s aspirant potentiality to dig deeper in technical communities.

                                   Internship Training, Industrial Visit, Technical Expo are consistently granted to the students to polish the seeking along with colorful events. Department inherit active and healthy mindset to students in order to be creative as such as that Innovation and Placement cell is providing right gateway to them. Overall the mission and vision are getting fulfilled in every academic year and expanding with future milestones.

                            Satellite Programme (NIUSAT) is where all the students of Aeronautical Engineering Department have given valuable contribution and produce excellent remarking. Aero Modelling and Flight Simulation Workshops are regularly organized to heighten student’s technical power. Courses like Data driven Astral Physics and Astronomy, Machine Vision, Artificial Intelligence Application on Aerospace Vehicles has been initiated to enrich Data exploration ability of students as this domain is an emerging one. And also more importance is given to structural design and performance analysis packages such as ANSYS, CATIA, MNC Nastran and Patran to strengthen core design and virtual analysis potential of students. Excellent Placement services make sure right loop to the successful completion of the course. Aeronautical Department is right at serving young and energetic brave minds to collaborate and the loop never ends.

Lab Facilities
Aero Engines Lab
Faculty Incharge: Dr. NeelaRajan R R
Details: Aero Engine lab have various used engines as well as running models
Aircraft Structures Lab
Faculty Incharge: Mr.S.S.PonSudhirSajan
Details: Aircraft Structures lab includes composite repair unit along with number of sophisticated research apparatus
Aircraft Systems Lab
Faculty Incharge: Dr. Annil Kumar T
Details: Aircraft Systems lab includes retired aircrafts with activated firing and power units
Aerodynamics Lab
Faculty Incharge: Dr. Antony Vincent V
Details: Aerodynamics lab includes digitally configured subsonic wind tunnel and relevant apparatus
Airframe & Composite Materials Laboratory
Faculty Incharge: Mr. Anukuttan A
Details: Airframe materials are designed to provide long-term support for both the static weight of aircraft and additional load subjected from service. This concept requires airframe materials to possess acceptable densities for the weight reduction and appropriate mechanical properties for the intended use.
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Head of the Department
Dr. Annil Kumar T

Associate Professor

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