Completed Projects

Sl. No Name of the PI Department Title of the Project Duration Funding Agency
1 Dr. N. Chandrashekahar Mechanical Hydrolic Sun Tracker 2007-2009 DSIR
2 Dr. S. Ramachandran Mathematics Reconstruction of Graphs and Structures 2007-2010 DST
3 Dr. S. Joseph Jawahar EEE Implementation of Soft Switching on DC-DC Converter 2008-2010 AICTE
4 Dr. S. Joseph Jawahar EEE Modernization and removal of obsolescence in Electronic System Design lab 2008 -2009 AICTE
5 Dr. S. Joseph Jawahar EEE Entrepreneurship Development  Cell (EDC) Scheme 2008-2011 AICTE
6 Dr. S. Joseph Jawahar EEE Industry Institute Partnership Cell (IIPC) 2009- 2012 AICTE



Funded Research Projects Sanctioned to NICHE after September 2009

SI No Name of the PI Department Title of the Project Funding Agency
1 Dr. E. Arun CSE Construction of a Novel Assembler for Reduction of Handoff Delays in WLAN AICTE
2 Dr. R. C. Mehta Aeronautical Computational fluid dynamics analysis of ejector-diffuser system used for testing of rocket engines in low pressure environment ISRO- RESPOND
3 Dr. V. L. Joseph Joly Nano Tech Synthesis and Characterization of Nano- Sized Graphene and Graphite With Magnetic Edge-State DST
4 Dr. S. Ramachandran Mathematics Reconstruction of Number of Graphsand Diagraphs DST
5 Dr. J. Joseph Chemistry Therapeutic Agents for Alzheimer’s Diseases: Synthesis, Characterizationand Pharmacological Studies of Copper Complexes with 2-amino benzothiazole derivates CSIR
6 Dr. S. Balamurugan Nano Tech Simple and efficient way of fabricatingoxide nano-structured materials throughmolten flux technique DST
7 Dr. S. Balamurugan Nano Tech Synthetic Methodology and detailedinvestigation of nano metalo – cuprates BRNS
8 Dr. P. Venugopalan Nano Tech Production of hydrophobic  nanosilica from rice husk /commercial gradeprecipitate silica for reinforcement of rocket insulation rubber and thermalprotection of reusable launch vehicles. ISRO- RESPOND
9 Dr. M. Murugan Biomedical Identification of Barcoding Sequence and Molecular Characterization of Puntius Species to Resolve the Taxonomic Ambiguities using Cytochrome B Gene DBT
10 Dr. P. Nagendra Prasad Biomedical Physico  Chemical  Analysis  of  Various Biodiesel from differentBioenergy Crops DST
11 Dr. M. Sivapragash Mechanical Characterization  of Zirconium Oxideand Zirconium Nitride Nano CoatedAZ91D Magnesium Alloy byPhysical Vapour Deposition Method DRDO
12 Dr. J. Joseph Chemistry Design And Development of Therapeutic Substitute for ExistingAnti Tuberculosis agents Derived from Copper Complexes DST
13 Dr. S. Balamurugan Nano Tech Synthesis and    Physico    Chemical Properties of Nano-hexa Ferrites, MFe12O19M=Ba,SR,Ca    for Hyperthermia Cancer Treatment Applications TNSCST