Health  Centre

An up-to date Health Centre Functions in the university campus since the dawn of the new millennium. It has all the modern facilities for giving first aid to the students and staff in the case of any emergency, accidents and also for continued medical treatment of in-patients.There are at present 12 beds provided in the Health Centre. The Centre has a clinical lab with test facilities attached to it and with the necessary lab technicians. We have also an Electro Cardio-Gram equipment for checking heart functioning. Two full-Time doctors are there to attend the medical needs of students.

The doctors of the health centre are Dr. M. Kasi Nathan, and Dr. Jozhy. They are assisted by male and female nurses. The centre was formally inaugurated on 27-11-99 by our Hon'ble Minister for Tourism Mr.S. Suresh Rajan, Govt Of Tamilnadu.